Nikyee Heaton – Bad Intentions (Album Review)

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Niykee Heaton – Bad Intentions

Awesomeness Music Partners, LLC

Author: Vincent Arnold


If you’ve been paying any attention over the past two years, you’ve likely seen Ms. Heaton’s acoustic guitar covers of popular hip-hop tunes on Youtube. Her cover of “Love Sosa” among others garnered her a significant social media following (not to mention her rampant thirst-trapping on Instagram).


But don’t dismiss the golden-locked songstress because of her looks, because Niykee Heaton possesses legitimate singing and songwriting chops. This EP’s title track “Bad Intentions” displays adept lyricism and serious vocal prowess. For example:

“I know we’ve made a graveyard of this all

I know I don’t feel too sober know I wanna lie awake with your black soul

Count your fears if you let me, baby I just want your damn bad intentions”


Or on “Champagne”:

Is it too late? I’m so afraid

This poison, I need a drink to spite you

Will you ravage me?”


At the end of the day, Heaton’s Bad Intentions EP is a solid project showing just a glimmer of what’s on the horizon for her. We like that she tackled all six records solo, deciding against including feature verses from other rappers or anything of the sort. If she is capable of doing this by herself, just wait until she’s ready to put out an official full-length.

Beat Selection: 8/10

Production Value: 8.5/10

Vocal Performance: 7.5/10

Replayability: 7/10

Total Score: 8 out of 10

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